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What We Do

Our goal is simple: provide a healthy and nutritious no-cost lunch service to as many school-aged children as possible during the school year.  As a result, we hope to not only reduce food insecurity, malnutrition, childhood obesity, diabetes and chronic disease, but also improve socioeconomic outcomes, support academic and social achievements, and enhance mental health.  

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Who We Are

We are a small group of individuals who share an obsession with food and a passion for helping others.  No child should ever go hungry, and every child deserves access to nutrient-dense, tasty, and beautiful food.  


Want to help?  We are wholly funded by the generosity of our community.  Individuals, organizations, and groups of all kinds contribute to The Common Kitchen so that we can continue to prioritize feeding children without barriers.  


Our Story

I have always been passionate about food, and my love of food has often raised BIG questions about food insecurity, nutrition, disease, poverty, and food in the school system.  How and what are kids being fed during the day at school? Are kids being well-fed?  How many kids are going without food at mealtimes? What can we do about all this waste? 


A shocking number of children are living in food insecure homes in BC,  and with the rising cost of food, more and more families may not be able to provide their children with high-quality meals before, during or after school.  This is not a burden they should have to carry.  ​While the BC and Federal government, coupled with some wonderful grassroots people and organizations, provide some relief for families, it’s simply not enough.  So I set about to help solve these challenges by implementing a healthy, no-cost food program to kids in grades K-5 in Greater Victoria.   ​


My hope is that we move towards a provincial/national food program in all schools, but until then, our primary focus at The Common Kitchen is to encourage food stability by providing nutritious, tasty food options in schools at no-cost to families. Our concurrent goal is to alleviate some of the socioeconomic pressure on families these days.  With a fully-funded program, reduced food costs at home means money can be re-allocated to housing, transportation, fuel, medications, activities, or any other cost of living that can improve quality of life. ​Food should not be a privilege.  It is a right.  I believe all children deserve high-quality, tasty and nutritious food during the school day so they can optimize their learning, regulate their emotions, and foster important social connections.  

Welcome to The Common Kitchen.  Every Child, Every Meal.  


If you want to learn more about both the impact of poor nutrition in school-aged children, as well as the benefits of nutrient dense meals for kids in school settings, head on over to the FAQs page.​


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